Vatican City
 Top 10 Features of Vatican City

Sistine Chapel
Michaelangelo's ceiling one of the most spectacular works of art in the world.
Top 10 Works of Sistine Chapel:
1. Adam and Eve
God imparts the spark of life to adam in one of wester art's most famous scenes, then pulls Eve from adams rib.
2. Creation
God separates darkness from light, water from land and creates the Sun and Moon. Mechelangelo veers towerds blasphemy by depicting God's dirty feet.
3. The Secrifice, Flood and Drunkenness of Noha
After disassempling his scaffolding and gazing from floor level, Michrlangelo noticed that these three tumuluous scenes were too minutely draown.
4. Last Judgment
This vast work identifies saints by their medieval icons: Catharine with her while, Bartholomew with the knife which flayed him.
5. Sibyls and Prophets
Hebrew prophets, including Jonah shying, away from the whale, mingle with the sybyls who foretold Chorst's coming.
6. Old TestamentSalvation Scenes and Ancestors of Christ
Portraits from Jesus's family tree are above the windows, and bloody salvation scenes, including david and Goliath, are on corner spandrels.
7. Life of Christ Scenes
the chapels right wall stars Botticelli's Cleansing of the leper, Ghirlandaio's Calling of Peter and andrew, as well as Perugino's work below.
8. Giving the Keys to St Peter
Classical buildings form the backdrop to this pipvotal scene of trasferring power from Christ to the popes. Each scene divided into tree parts.
9. Life of Moses scenes
Left wall highlights include Ghirlandaio's Burning Bush and Signorelli and della Gatta's Moses Giving his Rod to Joshua.
10. Botticelli's Punishment of the Rebels
Schistmatics quetion Aaron'spriestly prerogative to burnincense. A vengeful Moses opens the earth to shawllow them.

Raphael Rooms
Raphael decorated Julius ll's apartments between 1508 and 1524. the stanza Signatur features the school of athens, a convention of ancient philosophers bearing portraits renaissance artist such as Leonardo da Vinci as Bearded Plato in the Centre.

Apollo Belvedere
This Roman copy of 4th-century Greece statue is considered a model of physical beauty. Its inspired Bernini's Appolo in Galleria Borghese

Raphael Transfiguration
raphale was labouring on this garagantuan masterpiece (1517-20) when he died at 37, leaving student to finish thebase. it depicts Christ appearing to the Apostles in divine glory.

Chapel of Nicholas V
The Vatican's hidden gem is this closed-sized Chapel colourfully frescoed (14447-50) with early martyrs by Fra' Angelico.

One of antiquity's most famous sculpturs is this 1st-century Bc Trojan prophet and his sons being strangeled by serpents as they try to warn against the beseiging Greeks' sneack gift horse.

Caravaggio's Deposition
Caravaggi's chiaroscuro technique accentuates a diagonal composition (1604) filled with peasant figures and grisly realism.

Borgia Apartment
Pope Alexander Vl had these beautifull Rooms frescoed by pinturicchio (Raphel was once his junior collaborator) between 1492 and 1495. The walls are now hung with leaser pieces from the modern art collection.

Belvedere Torso
The highly crafted, building uscles of this 1st-century BC torso of the gold Hercules were regulerly used as a prime sketching model for Michelangelo and many other Renaissance master.

Leonardo da Vinci's St Jerome
Sketchy and unfinished-Leonardo often a distracted genius - this 1482 Painting is never - theless an anatomical masterpieces.