Things to Avoid

 Top 10 Features of Things to Avoid

Restaurants around the Vatican and Forum
With rare exceptions, the restaurants that cluster around Rome's two prime tourist spots, advertising menus in six languages and often planted with a waiter waving you over, put the Roman dining axperience to shame. No self respecting Italian patronizes them, and you would be wise to avoid them.

Rome in August
Rome is a gjost town in August and unbearably hot. Most Italian go in holiday for the month and while most sights are open and hotels are emptier, many shops and restaurants are closed, and you are only seeing tha tourist side of the city, not its tru nature.

Pickposket Bottlenecks
Pickpockets infest many of Rome's streets, squares and metro stations but are worst and at their most aggressive at a few primetourist bottlenecks: the nerrow pavement around the Vatican walls from the museums to St Peter's; around the forum, especially the road from the back of the Capitoline; and the pedestrianized via dei pastini and via di Pietra from the Pantheon to the Trevi Fountain.

Driving in Rome
A car is utterly unnecessary in Rome: many of its sights are on pedestrian roads so you can't drive to them any way, and parking places at those accessible by car are almost impossible to find. All parking in the city is limited and preposterously expensive, and uninitiated, Italians seem to drive like maniacs. Save renting a car until the last day of your stay in Rome and use it only to drive out of town.

The No. 64 Bus
The "Pickpocket Express" or " wallet Eater" trundling from Termini to St Peter's has long held the title for the worst pickpocketing bus in Rome. It now faces competition from the No. 40 an express bus on the same route. Keep your wits about you, and one hand on your wallet or purse.

Vatican museums when they're free
Yes, you get in for free the last Sunday of each month, but the trade-off is that the museums often claustrophobic even on a good day - become a crush of bodies

Termini Area after Dark
The homelessand dispossessed congregating in the dull train station neighbourhood, home to a glut of budget hotels, make it unsavour y after dark. Generally, Strees south of the station are darker and more dangerous than those to the north.

Piazza Navona and Pantheon Areas on Thursdays
Save these areas for a different day as two of the more important sights on the Tiber Bend are closed on thursday: San't Agostino with its unmissable Caravaggio works and the painting collection of the Galleria Doria Pamphilj.

Wearing Belt Packs
The worst travel accessory ever invented. Nothing has pleased the world's pickpockets more than the popularity of these pouches, which place all of your most important belongings discreetly below eyelevel and at the perfact height for a light-fingered thief to rifle through at his leisure.

The Catacombs at Weekends
Two words: tour buses. These are actually worse on saturday, now that all vehicular traffic save a puplic minibus is diverted off the Via Appia Antica (The Catacombs main access road) on sunday.