Top 10 Features of Pizzerias

Pizzerias da Baffetto
Click on image to enlargeThe best pizza in Rome but, as is traditional for a pizzeria, it is open only for dinner and, for a pizzeria, it is open only for dinner and beyond pizza, only serves bruschetta and other simple appetizers. the thin-crust, wood-oven pizzas come either piccolo (small) or grande (large).

Pizzeria da Ivo
Click on image to enlargeThe most famous pizzeria in Trastevere, definitely discovered by the tourist crowds, but local fans never let them take it over completely. The pizza is great, but skip the other second ratemain meals.

Pizzeria da Ricci
Click on image to enlargeThis Liberty-style Pizzeria, in the Ricci family since 1905, is hidden away on a quiet dead-end street off Via Nazionale. The pizzas are tiny (many people order two) but excellent; complement them with the sweet northern Lazio white win Est! Est! Est!, after which the placeis nicknamed.

Pizzeria dar Poeta
Click on image to enlargeThere's a merry war between ultra yhin-crust Roman pizza and thiker, chewier neapolitan pizza. Dar poeta goes its own road, letting letting the dough rise a full day (rather than the usual hour), resulting in a thin yet light and airy pie loaded down with the freshest of toppings. tucked into quiet Trasevere side street, with some coveted tables out front and more in the air-conditioned brick-walled dining room.

Pizzeria da Vittorio
Click on image to enlargeVittorio Martini's unassuming little place with its wood beams and a few tables on the cobblestones out front serves perhapes the best Neapolitan-style pizza in Rome, courtesy of award-winning pizzaiuolo Angelo Jezzi. The mixed antipasti plate is generous and a great bergain.

Click on image to enlargeAward-winning pizza, shaped vaguely like a ghost with olives for eyes (the pizzeria's name means "ghostbusters"), and a half dozen Calabrese snackes. Service can be slow.

Click on image to enlargeRoman mini-chain serving thicker, Neapolitan-style wood oven pies. Cheap lunch menus include cover charge, drink, and a pizza, a pasta, or a roast meat dish.

Click on image to enlargeThick Neapolitan-style pizza in a modern room or on the roof terrace, with red lamps to click on for rapid service. Lots pastas and desserts as well. No bookings and long queus so arrive early.

Panattoni "L'Obitorio"
Click on image to enlargeThis Trastevere instiution's nickname ("the morgue") refers to the chilly effect of the marble that sheathes the walles and acts as tabletops. The reception is as warm as the decor is cold, however, and the Roman pizza as excellent as the suppli al telefono (fried rice balles with a melted mozzarella heart that makes a long "telephone" card when you pull them apart). Open late.

Pizzeria La Montecarlo
Click on image to enlargeLate opening hours have kept this simple Roman-Style pizzeria packed with locals and students for years. Friendly but whirlwind service.