Rome's Discos and Nightclubs

Testaccio is often considered Rome's turntable epicenter, with cIuht, lining Via Galvani and waves of people spilling out onto the streeltt However, clubs tend to pop up in all of Rome's neighborhoods. Drinkm are pricey, between €10 and €15. In the sweltering summer months, many clubs relocate to the beach or the Tiber; it's best to call ahead to confirm location and hours.

Alibi (Via di Monte Testaccio 40, tel: 328365098)
Alibi is one of the mual famous gay discos in town. Though a bit lackluster lately, the larµn space has an open terrace for summer dancing. Circolo Mario Mieli (06/5413985, www.mariomieli.org) is a gay advocacy group dim promotes events at other venues like Alphaeus (E Via del Commenhi 36, Testaccio, tel: 06/5747826).
The stark, postindustrial style leaves plenty of room for young rockers to enjoy themselves at Black Out (Via Saturnia 18, ,STUN Giovanni tel: 06/70496791), and there's a separate room for chilling out. Under various,names and guises, this disco has hosted generations of Roman youth.
In trendy Testaccio, Caffe Latino (Via di Monte Testaccio 96, Testaccio tel: 06/57288556) attracts a thirtysomething crowd with dancing, tin occasional live music performance, and a separate music-video root and bar.

Gilda (Via Mario de' Fiori 97, Spagna tel: 06/6784838)
Gilda used to by I place to spot famous Italian actors and politicians. Now it is hortl B-actors and leftover politniks. This nightspot near the Spanish Steps has a piano bar as well as a restaurant and dance floors with live and disco music. Jackets are required.

Hulala ( Via dei Conciatori 7, Testaccio tel: 06/S7300429)
Hulala is home to Rome's fashionistas. Mod films are projected on the walls, and champagne is drunk through straws.

Jackie 0' (Via Boncompagni 11, Repubblica tel: 06/42885457)
Jackie O' is retro-hip. This disco was famous decades ago, and has renewed its old-school glamour with a restaurant expansion. The small lounge room with cozy sofas is where you want to be.
Via Galvani is Rome's Sunset Strip, spawning most of the city's schizophrenic restaurant-clubs (combinations of chill restaurants and large, booming clubs).
Reigning as King and Queen of the strip are Joia and Keium Bar (Via Galvani 20 and 24, Testaccio tel: 06/57305338 Ketum Bar). For peoplewatchers, evenings here are a delight, with crowds ranging from romantic twosomes to post-teens to personable pickup artists of all ages.

Housed in a medieval palazzo is La Cabala (Via dei Soldati 23, Navona tel: 06/68301192), Rome's version of a supper club. This threelevel space has a piano bar, restaurant, and club, and often has a very dressy crowd vying to get past the velvet rope.

Lounge fever is all over Rome, with La Maison ( Vicolo dei Granari 4, Navona tel: 06/6833312) as one of the best. Bedecked in purple velvet and crystal chandeliers, the club has two distinct spaces, a VIP area and a dance floor, with a DJ dishing up the latest dance tunes. Head straight to the back room and grab a couch.

Micca Club (Via P. Micca 7, Repubblica tel: 06/87440079 - www. miccaclub.com)
Micca club is in a multilevel former warehouse. DJs spin different styles of music in each of the rooms and some spaces have live music.

Qube (Via di Portonaccio 212, San Lorenzo tel: 06/4385445)
Qube open only Thursday through Saturday, is Rome's biggest underground disco, where bodies mix and mingle like a rugby game. Friday night hosts the Muccassassina (www.muccassassina.it), Rome's most popular gay event. It has paid a price for its fame, and is now more straight than gay.
Supperclub (Via dei Nari 14, Navona tel: 06/68807207)
Supperclub is not only a place for dinner-in-recline, but also a trendy club where DJs and live entertainment draw a sexy crowd to the various rooms, most lined with big white beds and fluffy pillows (no shoes, please), complete with roaming masseurs. Monday nights feature a laid-back hip-hop party organized by a former L.A. club promoter.

Testaccio Village (Via di Monte Testaccio tel: 06/57288333)
Testaccio village is the hippest element of the Estate Roman a festival. Running from June to September, it's a temporary "village" with various pavilions where you can get drinks and food and two areas where you can enjoy both live and recorded ethnic music.


Palalottamattiea (Palazzo dello Sport, Flaminio tel: 199/128800, (www.forumnet.it) hosts some heavy hitters in the Italian and international music scene, like lasting from June Michael Buble and Zucchero. The futuristic ex-sports hall is in the EUR neighborhood (i.e., Rome's outer limits)

Alexanderplatz (Via Ostia 9, Vatican tel: 06/39742171)
Rome's most important live jazz and blues club, consistently books the best of Italian and international performers. It has both a bar and a restaurant. Reservations are a good idea.

Big Mama ( Vicolo San Francesco a Ripa 18, Trastevere tel: 06/5812551),
Roman institution for live music, including jazz, blues, rhythm and blues, African, and rock has finally reopened, freshly renovated and with a plethora of new music listings.

Fodor's Choice
Holed up in Monti is Charity Cafe (Via Panisperna 68, Esquilino tel: 06/47825881), a small and romantic jazz club in Rome's bolo neighborhood.
Near Castel Sant'Angelo, Fonclea (Via Crescenzio 82/a, Prati tel: 06/6896302) is a cellar with a publike atmosphere, and live music every night of the week-from jazz to Latin American to rhythm and blues. The kitchen serves Italian and Mexican food.
Latin rhythms are the specialty at No Stress Brasil (Via degli Stradivari 35, Trastevere tel: 06/5813249), which has live music with a Brazilian orchestra from Tuesday to Saturday. Monday is karaoke night, and Sunday is dinner only.

The Place (Via Alberico 11 27-29, Vatican tel: 06/68307137),
The Place a low key music venue, offers an excellent mixture of live funk, Latin, and jazz sounds accompanied by excellent fusion cuisine.

Rialtosantambrogio (Via S.Ambrogio4, Ghetto, tel: 06/68133640, www.rialtosantambrogio.org)
Rialtosantambrogio is Rome's experimental haven for DJs and artists. Rialto's "projects" are bimonthly and announced by word of mouth, or through the Web site