About Rome

Vatican City:
This tiny city_state is home to the Pope, the world greatest museum, largest church, and the most astunding workof art ever created - Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel ceiling. Top 10 features Of Vatican City.

The Pantheon:
The most perfectly preserved of all ancient temples, this marvel of architectural engineering has a giant oculus forever open to the sky. Top 10 features of Pantheon.

Roman Forum:
At the once-bustling heart of ancient political, judicial and commercial power, there's now a evocative emptiness, punctuated by grandiose arches, solitary columns and carved rubble. Top 10 features of Roman Forum.

Galleria Borghese:
A stunningly beatiful pleasure-palace, this was the vision of an immensely rich, hedonistic papal nephew, who filled it with Greaco-Roman, Rinaissance and barogue works by the graetest masters. Top 10 features of Galleria Borghese.

Colosseum and Imperial Fora:
Imperial Rome contsucted many impressive monuments, including the spectacular amphi-theatre. Top 10 features of Colosseum and Imperial Fora.

Musei Capitolini:
At the ancient centre of religious Rome are found some of the world's greatest masterpieces, from 4th-century BC Greek sculptures to caravaggio's revolutionary - even scandalous - Paintings. Top 10 features of Musei Capitolini.

Museo Nazionale Romano:
These collection, housed at two sites, featur some of the world's finest ancient art, including Classical sculpture and stunning mosaics. Top 10 features of Musei Nazionale Romano.

Santa Maria del Popolo:
Built over emperors' tombs, this church offers one of Rome richest displays of Renaissance and Barque art, including masterpieces by Pinturichio, Rephael, Caravaggio and vernini. Top 10 features of Santa Maria del Popolo.

San Clemente:
With its mysterious passages and legends, this fascinating church provides first hand experience of the layers that comprise Rome; here you can descend to a depth of 18m (60 ft) and go back over 2000 years. Top 10 features of San Clemente.

Ostia Antica:
Extending over several squar kilometres, the remarkable ruins of ancient Rome's main port city hold many surprises and convay a powerful sense of everyday imperial life. Top 10 features of Ostia Antica.