St.Peter's in the Vatican Basilica

The splendid square and colonnade, Bernini's finest work, form a superb entryway to the greatest church of Christendom, dominated by the magnificent Dome of Michelangelo. The construction of this basilica, plagued by numerous obstacles and problems,was carried out by Michelangelo, Giacomo della Porta and Domenico Fontana. The basilica rises over the foundations of a paleochristian Church, which, according to tradition, was built over the tomb of the Martyred Apostle Peter.

St.Peter Basilica (Vatican City)

Metro A (Ottaviano stop), 19, 64, 81

To reach other basilicas

To S.Paul: Metro A towards Termini and Metro B from Termini to S.Paul

To S.John: Metro A (S.Giovanni stop), bus 81

To S.Mary Major: Metro A (Termini stop), bus 64