The trip of the pilgrims of the Giubileo through the major four basilicas in Rome

Historical background

Long ago, in the year 1300, under Pope Bonifacio VIII, the celebration of the 'Giubileo' or 'Saint Year' began in Rome. During such years, it was possible for pilgrims to receive a plenary indulgence. In its early years, this event was repeated only once every 100 years, then eventually every 50, then every 25. Two "extraordinary Saint Years of the Redemption" have been celebrated in 1933 and in 1985. Prior to 1950, it was necessary to visit all four basilicas:

St. John in Lateran
St. Mary Major
St. Peter's in the Vatican
St. Paul's outside the walls
now, to get the plenary indulgence it is sufficient to visit only one.